What to Write on a Milestone Birthday Card?

A milestone birthday can be a scary event to consider. For obvious reasons, it’s a big event – a significant birthday that rarely happens more than once every few years. This can make it hard to think of something good enough to befit the occasion, but the best place to start is always with a card. Forgetting a card can be embarrassing, even if you’ve given a great gift. There’s something special about a handwritten card – it’s unique and thoughtful, and it’s your chance to show your appreciation with a few carefully chosen words. So, how do you get started?

Stick to the milestone

No matter what milestone someone is turning, it’s still a major achievement. Some people are embarrassed by their age, but no matter whether someone is turning 40 or 90, it’s important to celebrate with them. There’s no avoiding a milestone birthday, so don’t worry if they don’t want to be reminded of their age – a celebration of it will help them come to terms with reaching their next decade. Fortunately, there are plenty of milestone birthday card designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find a style that they’ll love and cherish.

Be personal

Milestone birthdays are an important occasion to go all out for. Whether they want to get older or not, the celebrant should feel special on their special day. A milestone birthday is a time to celebrate and a time to remember. Cards can be kept for years to come as they’re small enough to be filed away, making them a cherished keepsake allowing them to look back through special moments shared for years, even decades.

Use pictures when possible

When writing a milestone birthday card, remember to keep it short, sweet, and simple. No one wants to read an essay about their life. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so as a nice surprise, choose your favorite photo of the two of you and slot it into the card. Ideally, choose a photo they have never seen before for an extra special surprise. If you’re feeling extra, pick a meaningful photograph from each year over the past decade to give a snapshot of your life together.

Avoid cliches

Milestone birthdays can be hard to celebrate. There are so many tacky cards out there that are far from unique and will be better off in the bin. A celebrant is a unique person, so their cards should be too. When writing your message inside, avoid the typical cliches like “have a great day” and “don’t drink too much”. Instead, think of a funny anecdote to recite where you and the celebrant couldn’t stop laughing, and see their face light up as they read it. In all likelihood, they probably haven’t thought about the anecdote for a long time, and reading about it will have the two of you in fits of giggles all over again. The stronger the reaction, the better!

Make the card yourself

A good card is hard to come by. Most shops have rows and rows of cards for every occasion, and not a single one is good. This can often leave you wondering who on Earth would buy these cards, and as it gets closer to the date, you can start to feel desperate. If you’re running out of time, the best option is to make a card yourself. It doesn’t have to look professional, but as long as you put some effort in, they’re sure to appreciate the thought that went into it!

Birthdays are special celebrations that make life worth living. The first step to giving someone a birthday to remember should be sending a heartfelt message that acknowledges your friend’s milestone and makes them feel special.

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